The Unsung Heroes by Phyro Kelstein

Phyro Kelstein | March 26th, 2022 | poetry | 1 Comment


The unsung heroes are far and few
Many are old but some quite new
Bound by the same chain in the blues
Alas others have taken their dues
We praise CEOs that’s Mr on time
Forgetting the drivers covered in grime
When there’s a save we applaud the Flash
Cisco meanwhile is taken as trash
Only the speaker takes the spotlight
Yet the secretary slept not at night
We don’t remember or do we forget
That besides the pilot steward’s in the jet
The marshal is bedecked and tethered in ribbons
The soldiers lie cut down like gibbons
The city is clean, true’s the mayor boast
With soilmen and dumpmen sizzling like toast
The baby’s fed, the house spick anf spanny
Hidden in laundry there lies the nanny
No one knows the hand that gathered the corn
But a genius is he who made Golden Morn
From their beginning till when they’re done
They’ll have all the work and of the fun none
The thousand regrets are of a life not well spent
They deserved the praise yet the world was silent

Poet Bio

Ugwuanyi Afam alias Phyro Kelstein was born in Port Harcourt in 11th March 2006. He is a student at St Patrick’s College Obollo Eke

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