The Untamed by Jojo Mloyi

Jojo Mloyi | August 18th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Oppression, poverty and struggle,
Modern-day cutting-edge flourishes to the rubble.
Often at day break lost in the jumble,
And when the moon sets my idioms begin to mumble.
Born from blunder, not once been cuddled.
Shreds conceal my funny figure, soon to crumble
As I entreat to the shadows,
Of those who count my flows.
Oh dear friend!!! do not marvel at my unholy fumble
Pay no mind to my ill-mannered fable
As I elude myself into this puzzle,
Overlook that I come from the jungle.
If tomorrow finds me I might just saddle off,
To eternity and urge this dust to settle
Mother Earth can embrace whatever is left of,
What my tears seized, which that was splashed off
By the pours of heaven that drizzled,
Relentlessly down on my desiccated soul and tempered jaws.
Sweet Lord for this I ask,
That you gently let it torrent on me and overlook my past
My speech is untamed for one too many times I’ve been lonely.
Whatever I lay my hands on, turns into rust,
And my actions are intimidating, somewhat phony.
Gently sermonize my make-up and if needs must,
Search inside my wicked heart and deal with me wholly,
That I may rest my pangs and return to dust.

Poet Bio

every day is a step ahead of time and every setback is a reminder of what we are meant to achieve. i use my poetry to reach the hearts that I cannot see and to inspire the minds that believe in the impossible. I have growing platform on which I post all my work on and with every published poem, there is bound to be a smile somewhere around the world. for some of my work please check Poetry Out Loud

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