The vanished tenant by Verity Maud

Verity Maud | November 9th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

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I feel a poem inside
It’s dusty
Passages void of the inspiration that once flowed free on the wings of the
things we did.

I sense a poem inside
But cannot find the secret passage that will unleash the words that stirred
soul singing.

I search for a poem inside
Where you were once big and bold and brazenly brought the prose
Buried in roses and moments so divine they made me believe in God.

So, I am searching for this elusive poem
Hunting my way through adjectives and nouns in the hope that I will find
A small something you left behind
That I may be inspired again
To weave a little magic with these letters that line up
Waiting to be ordered
Into a simple poem.
But you,
Don’t live here anymore.

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