The Vicissitudes of Nature by Damian Carlton

Damian Carlton | September 27th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


As the lush lavender scent in the air beckons
Fleeting breath of natures sight enough to demobilize chauvinistic structures of the patriarchy and its weapons
It is still in the fall, purple flowers are preparing to bloom
These objects of emotional disarmament melt thy heart’s cocoon.

The seasons change, the flowers soon wither
The color purple brings wonders to the land in Alice after winter
Remember remember the fifth of November
Pray we exclaim with laughter in our cheeks and love in our hearts as we hope to gift each other daffodils, lilies and a dash of lavender.

Poet Bio

Gerald Kihara Muchiri is a spoken word poet and creative who uses the digital mediums as a form of artistic and literary expression. His work centers on the subconscious themes of nature and the expression of the human form in relation to how negative experiences such as war, upheaval, conflict and violence affect the human psyche and the socio-constructivist reaction (how one reacts as a result of the way these experiences shape them).

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