The weather in Joburg by Mbongeni Khumalo

Mbongeni Khumalo | March 28th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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The weather in Joburg
Soft & insecure
Like an acoustic guitar
Played out of tune…
Seductive love notes
Twing-twang sounds
Seducing the weatherman’s wife
Above the clouds

Like a maiden’s skirt
Hairs & heiresses undressed…
Naked thoughts billowing in the sky
Pure fantasy

Safe & insecure
Like a night dress of satin
Love is midnight
Ocean deep out of sight

Who cares about the weather?
I do
Free fall non-committal
Sensuous without nuptials

Autumn rain out of season
Morning shower

All rain but no thunder

Poet Bio

Author of the poetry collection Apocrypha

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