The When Passage by Warren Jeremy Rourke

Warren Jeremy Rourke | February 23rd, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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I gave three black men
descending a mezzanine, a hug, each
as the dream started.

On the next level up
of My ascension away
I ignored a bulbous white man beckoning.

And then a great hall, up high again there was
where an all-too-excitable Jesus
held out His hand, for Her, and I.

His palm presented a tiny scroll
which She took
but He opened again; two for Me.

He gave Me a throne
Sat on My right, ever-excitable
and showed, an all.

To His right
a huge hobo man who could no more
wanted only, sleep.

To My left
a small academic man, now told, ordered:
‘Fetch my sandwich from the car’.

I replied, ‘Fetch your own’.
Turned to our too-happy-Jesus
who nodded, looking dead ahead.

I did too.
And Salome stepped forward
stage left with an infinite veil.

Beyond, I glimpsed Her quick
in the company of Others
a dancer on the floor, before.

The veil thickened.
I began to rush.
And said,
‘This is going to kick,’
lifting as She, became no more
and i
just opened my eyes.

Poet Bio

Warren is editor-in-chief for the non-profit literary publisher, Botsotso. He has been longlisted for the Sol Plaatje EU Poetry Award and was a finalist for the Kikwetu Flash Fiction Competition. His works have been published, most recently, with the New Coin Poetry Journal, Usawa Literary Review, Poetry Potion and Olongo Africa.

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