Then and only then by Shaun Lax

Shaun Lax | Jan 24th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


If a man were to stand on the precipice of eternity,
his arms outstretched against the horizon,
his eyes sunken and sullen
yet starrily
thrust towards the vacant sky,
and his tongue greedily
lapping up the last flavours of the abyss,
then and only then
shall he know the true purpose of existence.
Then and only then
shall he experience
the wonders of an iridescent darkness
cast over the Earth like shades
drawn on stained-glass lenses.

If a man were to thrust his hands towards the heavens,
his balled up fists shattering divine ceilings
and unsealing the aqueducts –
once again letting blessings rain
down like ubiquitous providence,
then and only then
shall he acknowledge his life of persistent torment,
his life of endless longing.
Then and only then
shall he feel the eternal warmth
of a companionship he had never known.

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