There Will Be Blood by Esosa Omo-Usoh

Esosa Omo-Usoh | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

A Nubian babel
Herded to submission
A defining heritage
Traded for duplicitous salvation
A rebirth inspired
In the throes of passion
Between the overlord
And his floral mistress

A servant’s robe discarded
For a servile ideology
Servitude in chains
Exchanged for a mind in captivity
The task master’s whip
Firmly in the grip
Of the enslaved

Sown are the seeds of discord
Scattered over fertile fields
Watered by the flaming liquids
Brewed in the desert sands
Of Mecca and Jerusalem
We fight our kind
Stoked by their fires
In our mind

Duplicitous armistice achieved
As we hugged with daggers drawn
Accursed wealth and prosperity
Discovered buried deep in the bowels
Of the dark decrepit delta
A Nubian bride
Ripe for the plundering members
Of incestuous suitors

The throne was flung
From the west to the core
The dueling knights
In billowing robes and starched khakis
Jostling for the crown
Brandishing parted pearly whites
Shaded treacherous scars
And balding virile protuberances

Faith, fate and felons
Conspired to enthrone
The bastard child
Bereft of a sole
But gifted with a crown
Hope hoisted
On pillaged bones
Hollow and fragile

In the wake of the Arab spring
The streets of Greece are ablaze
The walls of the west are occupied
The sands of the Sahara
Shift with unease
There will be blood

(Inspired by the movie “There will be blood”)

Poet Bio

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and a lawyer by profession. My poems are inspired by Rock songs and that perhaps, explains my fascination with dark and Gothic poetry. If I were not a practicing lawyer, I would probably be hosting a late night radio show showcasing alternative and eccentric music. I have several collections of unpublished poems.

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