There’s a motorbike in heaven by Sam Scarr

Quaz | September 16th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

There’s a motorbike in heaven
It’s been especially made for you
To negotiate chicanes of cloud
And ride into the blue
Here there are no speed cameras
No police to slow you down
You can go wherever you wish
And ride from town to town
You worked so hard
You loved so much
And you have earned your place
To step onto your motorbike
And zoom through those pearly gates.

Poet Bio

I am married to a wonderful man named Will and have a beautiful eight year old son Eli. In April I lost my wonderful dad to Covid-19, which has been heart wrenching but I am lucky to have my own wonderful family. I have worked for the ambulance service for eighteen years and due to childcare issues in lockdown I have handed in my notice. Although I adored looking after people I feel that this is an opportunity to unleash my creative side.
I have a degree in ceramics and love to paint local landscapes, write poetry and children’s stories.

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