There’s A spot I know of… by Khomotjo Manthata

Khomotjo Manthata | February 5th, 2010 | poetry | No Comments

There’s A spot I know of…
Where there’s a balm for crippled spirits
Where shadowed water slides on the sharp horizons round it.

Trees in their Autumn Beauty
Yonder by the stream
I have looked upon those brilliant creatures

Today I have seen all I wish
I wished that my soul could return like gulls on the rock,
And indeed it did.

Fair daffodils, we love and anticipate seeing
There’s a spot I know of…

Little or nothing
Hovers on the blue planes of nothingness
Whispering far and near, are tongues of prophets and angel speaking
Everlasting gospel. Rule to the core!

And like I said: “There’s a spot I know of”…

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