These Men by Phumlani Mhlanga

Phumlani Mhlanga | May 21st, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment


These men
Are our brothers and fellow companions

These men
Were endorse in our heart, we trust them

These men
Fight for liberty in politics

These men
Are considered leaders to the universe

These men
Are beefed up with solemn pride and core spirit

These men
Are bold, strong and voice certain views

These men
Are our in-laws, they relate commonly with our families

These men
Date out our sisters
They wake up in dawn of every moon and seasons
To earn some true living
So they can set a table full of sweet wine
Simple meal to fill our soul at heart
That is what our sisters joy for
When they are with these men

These men
They lure with summer soft cologne
They rush by to open the door
But they open brutally our sister’s hearts
“Wow! This room is full of mushrooms
How cool, look at the daisies” she said
Mmm…how gentle they are, these beloved men
No, these men open our sisters laps wide by force
They take our sisters’ best but non-the-rest
How on God’s created formed earth these men lie,
Lay her without proper protection he once assured?
The magic kiss has been always digging poisonous grave

To these women
Every word said beam in ears like a brave song
Melodically more than any fairy tune between the green forests
Strange, real but worth be glad being heard when in need of comfort

These men
Ridicule the kind of a woman that grew inside the assured womb
These men
Are prayers pray
These men
Are our beloved spiritual brothers
These men
Dangle their pathetic penises between frail infant thighs
Of child, who barely can spell the word ‘mama’
A child innocent, simple and similar as their daughters

These men
Are spouses’ to their wives
These men
Are sons to their mothers
These men
Are spouse to our sisters
These men
Are spouse to our daughters
These men
Are spouse of the nation
These men
Are a Snare before the eyes of Almighty

They rape our sister’s hearts with pairs
Of arrogance and ugly words
They curse and deliberately beat, kick and harm the very
Womb expecting a child of their own

These men
Are the killers of soul
They portray holly-less pictorial
Fearful man instead of a good father
To a girl child in need of love and father figure
These men
Ask their own daughters’ from their wives
These men
Wound the birth of nation with selfish
Regularity of sinful erection
These men
Are not scared of AIDS
But dangle without protecting their household
These men
Sleep with tons of women thinking they’re
Men enough, at this time of calamity

These men
Are worshipers
These men
Are evil too

To These men
We pray for repentance before God forbid

These men
Root out the innocent of a pure
Snowy clear heart of a trouble woman
About love, in advantage of lust

These men
Nag and prey on teenage girls

These men
Think a dozen of crimson roses heals
But they stab multi-dozens of women
Women who committed their all
To a man considered a spear of protection
A shield greater than of a chief atop the mountain
Because, these women believed
On a life wrapped in a sincere voice that
Assured everything will be okay

But these men
Their last has no apology

Even though they apologise
To these women
These women are tired of many sorriest selfless foul
These men are full of apology
These men are full of dead minds
These men live a pathetic nice life of doom
These men, believe me, their voices
Breaks a crystal tear

These men
These men
These men

Poet Bio

From my debut book Breaking Rules In Poetry, I’ve never looked back. Our thoughts are bigger than our minds that our minds can not bear the thought of it

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  1. I have never been so touched and inspired and wordless and frozen and wowed and … since I read ‘Conversation with Bob Marley’ by Mputlane wa Bofelo. Phumilani, GREAT WORK sana.

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