These words by Sehloho Piet Rampai

Sehloho Piet Rampai | March 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

These words are not born in vain
These words are my own
Ejaculating from my lips,
Stemming from my mind
as they ponder my emotions

These words crawls in my sleep,
feeling how I feel,
pondering my head,
stressing my soul.

These words speaks what is real,
representing my inner person
so potent through out generations.

These words are the feelings,
traveling through my veins,
Like a virus longing to be spread

These words penetrating my mind,
hovering on the brink,
of many a mans tongue
encasing within synchronized.

These words with unnerving patience lie dormant waiting
with the beat of my heart
Till the emancipation comes…

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