They are Beautiful by Bongani Ngcobo

Bongani Ngcobo | May 1st, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

I would like to propagate a form of idiosyncrasy
An imagination that has no boundaries,
A dream that destiny can’t find,
A vision that fait can’t see,
An untold story.

I look in to your eyes and just wonder,
I’ve never seen such a bipedal stunner.
With a twisted tongue she whispers,
Sweet soft delicacy of words that rhyme
With the rhythm of her heart beat.
I’m taken aback by revolutionary lines that
Decay thoughts in my brain.

Her beauty evokes a sense of curiosity
Can it be me and her who will tear the
Plains of this earth for eternity.
Her beauty is so evaluated, no elaboration can describe.
Where no encyclopedic brain can define.
I’m only left with an hypothesis………


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