They are God’s Heritage by Olagunju Sunday Gbenga

Olagunju Sunday Gbenga | August 17th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

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They are God’s heritage. Yes, they are: precious jewels from the creator
They are divine heritage bequeathed to our privileged hands for nurturing (upbringing)
In a moment of pleasure, at the apex of conjugal splendor they are formed
Oh! What a mystery! This confounds the wise and sane.

Dear parents, fellow custodians, they are the maker’s gifts under our tutelage
Though the parents are calm and well-mannered like a dove from the holy land,
They are sometimes tough, obdurate, wanting to go contrary to the parents’ directives.
‘’Child, leave that place,’’ the mother instructed. ‘’No!’’ the child responded displaying his juvenile delinquency.

At teenage they see themselves as Mr. know all, assuming omniscient roles.
When we speak in our rugged voices, they speak in their sonorous voices blasting Queen’s English,
When we dress in our moderate attires, they appear in dresses in vogue,
The female display their delicate parts for public consumption
While the male expose their dirty knickers (boxers!)
When we complain, they call us old schools priding themselves in the stupendousness of their new school.
Yet, we mustn’t give up on them. That’s the business of child upbringing.

At adolescent, they act as if they know more than us, refusing to heed our advice
Yet, our elders say: no amount of clothes owned by a child can surpass an elder’s rags.

Dear parents, fellow custodians, do not give up on them.
Our children can still do well, irrespective of their age and status,
If we persist morally, physically and spiritually.This noble business will make our children leaders of tomorrow and do our nation proud.

Poet Bio

Olagunju Sunday Gbenga is a writer, poet and a seasoned teacher of English Language. His work has appeared on writer’s pen. He is also a social advocate.

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