They Lived Happily Here by Olagunju Sunday Gbenga

Olagunju Sunday Gbenga | Sep 13th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


They were once here
They lived happily here
But now, their land is deserted and desolate
Like a desert where grass never grows

Here they are camped now
In a house after the similitude
The similitude of a cave
Though ‘’shielded’’ with wood
Some children could not find their parents
And some parents forfeited their children
When the callous and the cruel invaded
And attacked their land with their malicious intentions

They struck their land with shootings and bombings
Setting their land ablaze unawares
Paddling them to their early graves
The mothers sang their dirge
While the fathers could not hold back
Hold back their tears
The ‘king’ uttered his condolences in a mournful tone
Though his heart bleeds with tears
What offense did they commit?
Why did the gunmen kill them?
Only God knows
But some said it’s a game
A game of power to frustrate the reigning ‘king’

In short while again,
They lunched another attack
And shattered thousands of lives
Rendering the land desolate and wasted again
When I cried out in pain
That our ‘king’ should help us out
They said he has tried all his best
When I requested
That our people in green uniform should rescue us
They said they have lost idea
As to how to tame the ‘wild lions’’

I withdraw to my room
Like a bird bedraggled under an ‘iroko’ tree
And I continue to wonder
If this will continue forever

Poet Bio

Olagunju Sunday Gbenga is a writer, poet, teacher of English Language and impeccable wordsmith that often employs imagery to drive his message home. He is also a social advocate and analyst.

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