I own this thing called Self-Doubt by Adri Buys

Adri Buys | February 25th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


You look at me
with dimmed eyes
perhaps I made my burden
too heavy to bear
Soul dragging, feet slumping
A bewildered run
to not meet the eye of mine
Hazy fog dances within
the once bright smile
now all that is left
a crippling unease
to try and make
the awkward seems normal
I never could find
a diamond in the rough
that would ease the edges
alongside mine
somehow I always stay behind
unpolished and rejected
a little more bruised

Poet Bio

Adri lives in Cape Town and writes poetry as a hobby in her spare time. She likes to paint a picture with words in the hope that some of it might resonate with someone else and touch another heart.

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