Things you don’t say to umama by Phumza Mankayi

Phumza Mankayi | June 26th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I tried to not be like you,
I thought we were two books on the same shelf,
under the same name.
We are written by one author mama,
Every story you are in, I am in.
All the pages you turned moved me.
Any plot you thickened is brewing in me.
Opened my mouth and read you off by heart.
I always thought we were two different stories until no one came for me and I gathered dust,
Til I was weary from not being touched like you,
From an aching to be opened.
When they read me, mama, they will be reading you.

Poet Bio

Phumza is a Jozi born writer who lives in the heart of the CBD. She has a degree in Psychology and works as a content writer. She believes the power of the story is a great learning tool and social mechanism for change.

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