thirst. by Luci Black

Poetry Potion | September 3rd, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Thirsty –
though we watch the golden embrace
of literature drip down the gutter,
streets overflowing with the written word
as kids gather their empty notebooks
to play outside, to catch the best words
to keep in their journals.
And you, you walk along the road smiling
at the beauty of the words passing you by,
accepting the warmth, the passionate glow
of a lover’s kiss delighted syllables gift you.
– Is it any wonder that when burned
our stardust formulated bodies & books
look the same? –
Our thirst for knowledge answered
word for word
and then we

//ashes to ashes – dust to dust//

Poet Bio

Luci Black is a South African Alt Lit writer with a penchant for experimental writing. With a fine serving of sass and wit added to her morning coffee, she rediscovers wor(l)ds.


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