This country, this country by T’MO

T'MO | Sep 11th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


The blue crane is dying.
After years of going through an identity crisis, it has now convinced itself it’s a phoenix, tired of being a crane that ties its entrails to birds of better feathers so they can fly above it.
It has decided to set itself alight, to finally cut ties, so it could rise anew, from its ashes.
But the blue crane has been conditioned to never look up by those above it.
It was raised to believe the “better birds” are just way too high!
The blue crane believes that birds of same feathers are holding it down.
So it decided to set itself alight, and hope to rise again!

Poet Bio

Moses Sibanda is a nobody from nowhere that knows nothing because everything is simply God, being Godly

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