This Generation’s Revolution by Francis Conlon

Francis Conlon | June 19th, 2024 | Uncategorized | No Comments


Take the revolution; it is your turn,
Topsy-turvy events in your churn,
This old protester once was there,
But now supports gray hair.

Another try to change a culture,
Like nomads shifting to agriculture.
The land is yours, a fertile plot,
Will you do more than grow pot?

So far, your message is not new,
Like the past, not thinking things through.
And, Adam and Eve were expelled,
Not comprehending how they rebelled.

So, good luck on your Youth Day,
You think there’s no admission to pay?
Your future children may take note,
You tried your best, but were smote.

Poet Bio

Francis Conlon is a retired and recovering teacher. For the past 20 years, he has worked as a seasonal river ranger and boat inspector at Yampa River State Park in northwest Colorado. He has published in the local Valley Voice and in Westward Quarterly. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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