This is how you Build Today by Awanto Margaret

Awanto Margaret | July 7th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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Out of the threads of your past
Knit a pullover for today
A shield for past mistakes

Out of the hope for future
Build castles in the air
Dream dreams you feel unworthy of dreaming

Out of love for self
Let past remain an afterthought
& future a baby unborn

Let the sun worry about illuminating the Earth
Bees about pollinating flowers
Clouds about bringing forth rain
God about human pain

Today you are a bird – free
A lamb – pure
A pearl – rare
A rose – beautiful

Today you are not your past blunders
Not your future possibilities
Today you are a blank page – unsullied
A rainbow – symphonic

This is how you build today:
From pieces of everything that you are and are not
This is how you build today:
You live your best life
This is how.

Poet Bio

Awanto Margaret is a Cameroonian. She has found love in reading and writing. She believes poetry is the language of Angels.

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