THIS IS NOT HOME by Ehinomen Marie

Ehinomen Marie | Jul 12th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


This is not home
Ashes snowing and crackers glowing
Rusty dust with musty rust
Eerie silence of weary absence
Blistering heat and battering bullets

This is not home
Long nights and wrong lights
Bare feet in ayre beach
Wandering eyes with watery whys
Whooshing sighs of waddling flottilas

This is not home
Shiny roads with quiet streets
Gray-blue skies and bare-branch trees
Ceaseless rains with absent sun
Cloudy days and crowdy lays

This is not home
Stiffnecked strangers with highraised nostrils
Enraged motorists and engaged pedestrians
Tethered animals and feathered humans
Pristine glasses on figurine buses

Poet Bio

Ehinomen Marie is a writer and Intellectual Property Law Consultant. She combines her legal background with her creative aspirations. She’s a nonconformist and is adventurous, this reflects in her exploration of different styles and genres of writing. She has been both a participants and performer in various Literary Festivals. Some of her works have been published on and other platforms anonymously. Her works comprise of poetry, flash fiction and experimental pieces.
She blogs on
When she’s not writing she’s reading, learning new skills; exploring and experiencing life.

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