This Land by Nicol Gowar

Nicol Gowar | August 3rd, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

She does not remember when
he sold her – wanting to
escape this arid place.

Waiting to replace his bloodshed
with the stories of a new land.

She does not remember how
he screamed out to her, begging
to be released – his hands
around her neck.

Caught between the sun and moon.

He packed his bags.
She lunged for him
asking for a second chance – not
knowing what she is without him.

As he stepped aside, his hands
started to tingle. Lifting his hands
to the light
he was fading.

‘You did this! Make it stop!’

She stared – blood
leaking from her eyelids.

Poet Bio

Nicol Gowar is an English teacher by day and literary explorer by night. She relishes in the stories people offer her through their daily travels.

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