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Accolade Motha | Jul 18th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


this poem is carved
sitting in a dark place,
in the discomfort of load shedding
With a series of avoided questions chiselling
on parts of the soul dreaded to face.

face to face with introspection
not bearing a single smile.
Unties the brain from cold caressed skin.
claims honesty from a dust-filling self-esteem
on topics of why the self is left to be shaped by outside opinions

on facing self’s inner fears with a full smiled face
With a fully unshakable dust-plated courage
peaking through a shining understanding of personal mistakes
against the ideal self, committed in cases of judgment of other humans.
or an error at relating to affection.

this poem is carved
sitting in an uncovering space
of reminding self to check itself up.
a remembering to balance its lightness
with continued load-shedding; power-cutting attachments to the past
to learn from being in a dark place.
to mind the warmth in own skin.
to remember the light within.
to light the belief-in-self candle through intended letting-go

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