This skin by Samkelisiwe

Samkelisiwe | August 17th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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The lines on my face
Tell of a journey
Travelled barefooted across
Troubled waters and stormy seas.

Each pore is a like a hollow cave
Where hope once lived.
Each crease only telling of where
a frown once sat or a smile blossomed.

This skin knows the scalding sun rays that shone on it mercilessly,
Until the colour of a ripen crimson peach faded.
Turning sad, dark and dull.

The dark circles as sunken as potholes now embellish the eyes,
My eyes that were once so beautiful you could gaze into them all day and get lost in them.

It is all such a shame but every time
I look in the mirror, I keep telling myself
“You were once beautiful darling
Don’t let what you see here fool you.”
Every day I wear this skin proudly.

Poet Bio

Samkelisiwe is a 32-year-old upcoming writer based in Durban. Currently working as an accessories designer. She enjoys writing short stories as well as poetry. She is working on her debut self-published novel.

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