This time I’ll quit by Sir T.A.E.P.S

Sir T.A.E.P.S | May 20th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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She kissed me when you left
No she didn’t !
I kissed her because you left
No, I know I didn’t!
Her kisses are why you left
Or maybe you didn’t?
Didn’t love the blind man you left
Blinded by this sweet soot kiss

I kissed her goodmorning
Held her tight before touching you
I kissed her by day
All with passion but left none for you
On my lips she felt warm
Yet cold in bed, alone you lay
As it ends I might be scared
Yet puffing away she calms my nerves
If death’s lips taste sweet
Could this love ever be malignant?

Outside we made out
Inside she dried me out
I craved her breath
So again I stole from you
She’s killing me now
Will you save me again?
She weighs me down
Will you sink with me?

Sorry I’m dying.
Oops she heard me..
Okay I’ll quit…
Rarely she lets me breathe
Yes this will be the…
The last time I…

Poet Bio

Raised with a love for a good story , Ashley began writing poetry to tell stories while in school. Although he found the rhymes and rhythm of some poets akin to music, Ashley always wanted to a story to be told. A story that one could relate to , a story that asks what it felt like to walk in another person shoes. His poetry continues to grow as he continues to look for inspiration and stories to tell.

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