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Kela Griot

My mother, Dipuo Maswabi, inspires me. In 2006, she was diagnosed with cancer. Two years ago, she beat three different types of cancers, one of which was in the fourth and final stage. While on chemo, she survived a rape. She has since left an abusive marriage. Because she isn’t famous, her bravery is unnoticed. She is but one of the many ordinary African women who quietly hold the world together.


My mother, Christinah Pricillah Mdhluli.

She not only birthed me, but she also showed me life and character by demonstration. She taught me how to love and respect; but the biggest lesson my mom has ever taught me is that when you make a mistake you don’t ignore it, throw  a tantrum about it or sny your way around it. No, you own up to it and ask God for wisdom then implement ways in which to rectify your ways.

That is a lesson I will always treasure in my heart.


My mother, although she passed on early in my life she taught me how to push to achieve my full potential.

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