Thoughts by Boikgantsho Pelle

Boikgantsho Pelle | March 13th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


I looked into her eyes
And the guilt was visible
It was as clear as the sun on a sunny day
You can’t not see it
You can’t miss it
It was eating her up
Inside out
Clawing into her skin
The air reaked of the guilt
It’s scent filling the room
Just like flowers in the air
She didn’t know how to be better
She wanted to be better
She needed to be better
Not for her
But for the people in her life
But her thoughts couldn’t allow her
She feared her thoughts
Did she know that to fear your thoughts is to fear self

Poet Bio

Boikgantsho is a young black woman who loves reading and writing. She is a student who is finding her place in the world, and would like to be involved in life changing groups of feminism. She loves peace and having fun.

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