Thoughts of WE by Miss Steele

Miss Steele | January 27th, 2024 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

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From the moment we first met I was inexplicably yours
I just didn’t know it
And then you touched me and stroked my soul
Denying it was impossible, I was owned
And gladly so

I gave of myself willingly and completely
We made such sweet music, a melody in harmony
We were such hungry creatures, savouring each bite
I long for when we were we

But now it feels like it’s just you and it’s just me

If I had a flower, a shrub or a tree for every time I thought of you
The biggest, most spectacular garden had grew
Oh how I wish back then I knew…

That someday our we would be a me and a you

Poet Bio

she is artwork and glory
she smells like cherries, spilt ink and thunderstorms

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