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Freer of Minds | March 1st, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

The Resistance

Crippled cultures forced to pick themselves up
conglomerates be talking the ‘real’, but that’s all it is.
Corporations laying sanctions,
local leaders showing intent, but no actions
large groups of unemployment,
coz there ain’t no leaders we appointed.

People are no longer doing anything for a cause
everybody wants to be famous, only doing it for applause.

I’m not a perfect role model
honestly hate being an idol,
see me for what I’m trying to do
hear my notes and hopefully get a clue.

Sight was so hazy
Before God cleared that up, it’s crazy.
All I pray is that this literature,
wherever it might feature
may touch you were hands can’t.
Fruits of progress, their seeds I’m tryna plant.

B-r-e-a-k F r e e

Limbs knotted, body and mental movement restricted,
monetary incarceration, we all in it case you hadn’t noticed.
We feed our greed, casing the green, pecuniary locusts;
strive for greater if money is the only thing your life concocts.

Traded treasure for notes, dosh hasn’t been real;
back when bronze coins would buy steel.
Paper is all it is, inked with a digit;
social blind fold, how could you not see it?

Freedom’s not just a noun; it’s you looking for it maybe.
Undo the complexity and be care free;
Wouldn’t that be great, pause then rewind
Praying the card that are dealt will be kind.

Suicide hovers over your mental,
crying God help! Hoping He’s on your side.
You can’t rewrite history in a hearse,
Self consulting whether your talents are a curse.

I gotta break free, I gotta hold on!
If not, why was I born?
Still my memory bank has some hurt to withdraw,
Gotta check my balance before I fall…


My subject matter isn’t fiction!
It’s slowly becoming my addiction,
My words are the written version of my ambition
Remove your psychological blink fold
Tackle racism like a bad player and be bold

Don’t see colour like the filter’s on
From different cultures, should it matter where we’re born?
Wanna over come racism?
A start is having optimism
Past oppression still today’s depression
We can be a better team, switch up the formation
Be sure it’s a rollercoaster ride
Affects all us, so please don’t hide

As we walk on this route prepare for disappointment
Prepare for corns, coz this road is hard
Master all your might, dedication, we need commitment
Be patient, be ready to play your card.

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