three poems by Chad Brevis

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Man Forged Manacles

The definition of black:
being of the achromatic colour
of maximum darkness;
having little or no hue owing to the absorption
of almost all incident of light.

“Being”: in existence of,
not despite of,
in spite of
existing as the embodiment of an absence.

“Absorption”: an active taker,
leeching and bleeding,
being without,
sine qua non.

Marked by anger,
resentment or hostility,
black looks,
black words,
as black as coal,
offering little or no hope,
the negative,
absent and enveloped.

[tab id=4]Chad Brevis was a Masters student of English Literature at The University of the Western Cape with training in Ethical theory and Linguistics, and an MA in Human Rights from ISS, in The Hague. His MA focuses on taboo topics in literature. A particular focus is spent on the banning of literature. Currently, he is a PhD student in Linguistics doing a full dissertation on “Freedom of Speech and the rise of “hacktivism” culture. During his undergraduate and Honours, he worked as a tutor for the Department of Religion and theology. He currently tutors in the Department of English.[/tab]




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