three poems by Nate Maye

Nate Maye | April 29th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


What I came
to know as my
place was new
to me, but has
been here
for two thousand
years at least,
Restless I moved
from other lands
until I found
a place of discount
tents and pitched
one in the winter
frost cold.


They said he only
needed his wisdom
teeth out, pulling
out the sage
from the back of his
mouth, but then he
woke to find his
whole life
fully uprooted at
the gum, a new
face where the old
one had been.


I walk on the edge
of someone else’s landscape,
a pesky voyeur, I see
into their lives and eye,
searching for my own
meaning, but finding none.

Poet Bio

Nate Maye is a rising poet. Nate watches too much television and studies literature.

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