three poems by Tasmiyah Oumar

Tasmiyah Oumar | January 20th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

I fear What's to Come

I fear what’s to come
when he arrives home
with the stench of liquor
hanging on his clothes.

I fear what’s to come
when he looks to embrace me
but my face turns the floor
so my panic doesn’t show.

I fear what’s to come
for I’m no longer home.


From my mind
to my heart
I hear my thoughts creep.
Slowly, silently,
my heart beats with fear.
I should’ve closed the door
when I heard the footprints.

The Mirror

It’s dark outside,
and so is it in my room.
It’s dark in my room
and so has the darkness consumed me.
The tears have stopped,
I feel the sticky salt upon my cheeks.
But there’s a persistent burn
in my heart and along my arms.
The blade’s on the pedestal,
I switch on the light.
There’s blood on the floor—
Oh what have I done?

Poet Bio

Tasmiyah Oumar is an aspiring poet. Her aim is to inspire through her words.

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