Three Times A Day by MoOn

MoOn | May 12th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Dear God
Forgive us
Forgive us for being tired
Forgive us from removing the ropes that try to enslave our emotions
Forgive us for wanting to be ok

Forgive us for looking into the eyes of those who seem ok
For longing to be just like them
So that we are not battered with words like
You’re not positive enough
You don’t pray enough
You don’t think good thoughts enough

Oh how we long to look at the sunshine
Without wondering when the moon will appear
How we long to stay happy
Without waiting for the happiness to get taken away
How we long to create relationships and not self-destruct because we know as soon as people get too close
We run away
From the emotional attachment

Drink these three times a day
In-order to smile
In-order to not scrap off emotional bruises

The heaviness wakes us up at night
Even our tears cannot withstand the battle beneath our eyes
So we go on our knees and ask for redemption

Somewhere in the back of our minds
We think that this turmoil was caused by us
Because this world has taught us that when you’re not normal
You’re a burden

Forgive us for believing and holding onto anything that will make us whole
These holes have created pathways
To places that some minds could not travel to

Each day
These words stay within our minds
Drink three times a day
To remain ok
To fix the imbalance of the chemicals in your brain

When the mental warfare has ended
Forgive us for not forgiving ourselves

Poet Bio

Nomsa Motale is Media Studies and Journalism graduate. I’ve written for Hype, Live and True Love magazine. Currently I’m running my own art, music and fashion blog titled “Jasmine Incense” @J_Incense on Twitter. She loves food art and fashion. She’s passionate about words and a colourful life.

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