Three Women, Three Pathways by Thompson Emate

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The legend of three women,
Sisters and siblings,
One married in her early teens,
To a man of her tribe,
Gave birth to two children,
A male and a female,
Travelled overseas with him,
Had a son for another man,
Caused a separation from her husband,
Picked her pieces,
And moved on,
Met another man,
Who was all over her,
Married him,
And gave birth to two girls,
Lost one of her daughters,
The one from her first marriage.
Another met a man,
A young and handsome man,
A diligent man and a high flyer,
He adored her so much,
They got married,
It wasn’t too long that trouble set in,
They argued and fought,
In anger,
She once struck him with an iron rod,
Which almost led to the
collapse of their marriage,
They still moved on against all odds,
Then an incident occurred,
An occasion arose,
That opened a can of worms,
One that made their
marriage turn sour,
A second woman came in,
Her husband opened the
door to another woman,
He had an affair with her,
And this led to a child and
another and another until four,
Making a tie with her,
Chaos took its seat in the house,
Pandemonium hovered in the atmosphere,
Strife crept in and stayed,
After several tussles,
She left,
She sojourned far and away,
Left all she had,
Later she fell ill and died.
The third woman,
Met a man,
Had a child for him,
Was unlucky in the affair,
Separated from him,
Was hurt and wounded,
Couldn’t get over it,
It cut her through like a knife,
She became mentally ill,
Was lost and never found.

Poet Bio

Thompson I. Emate is a graduate of University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. His keen interest in creative writing particularly prose and poetry has seen him spend most of his leisure time writing these two. He has his poems,”Foot Soldier” and “Lilies” published in a youth magazine.He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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