Through me by Rupe Blaqink

Rupe Blaqink | February 26th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 2 Comments


I did not say much about it
As I knew it would break her heart
I lived to please her because I did not want to disappoint her
Her mistakes were replaced by me, with a white ink

I had to be perfect in everybody’s eyes but not my own
If I could hold it and place it in a safe
So that I may not carry it forever I would
If I could paint it, I would not know which colour to use
The sound it makes every night is so loud
You would swear there’s a Halloween party down my corridor

If I could dance to it, it would not have a rhythm to move from the left
foot to the right foot As I stand paralysed
with no examination done or prescription from the doctor to cure it

I carry the memo to the answers of the exams she wrote, I had never seen her
question paper even though I rewrote her life
She has no idea how mine is like
As I live to please her

And through me she lives and I am only a ghost
Just another dark reflection of my own nightmare

Poet Bio

Marupeng Doreen Mootwana 28 years of age. Originaly from Limpopo in a place called Mohodi Ga

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