Through New Eyes by Thabang Ngoma

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The train approaches in the distance
Through a tunnel we gave birth
The chimney smog marries the low clouds
Of increasing heavy traffic and haze of garbage fires
Red roof tops absorb long wave radiation
The neighbourhood’s listening to the world
Through aerials and satellite dishes

The potholes feel like exploding landmines
As vehicles detour onto the pavements
People stroll in the middle of overcrowded streets
While children play soccer and drive brick blocks

Through new eyes,
Everything still looks the same or worst
Who will drive the train of progress,
Who will pilot change?

The township must be demolished!

It symbolises everything wrong with us,
Stagnation, procrastination and assimilation
The corners are occupied by gangs of ‘nyaope boys’
Who have made it their career to be unproductive

It’s a gaping sore of apartheid’s legacy
That will never heal, not in a century…
It is on the periphery, a dumping ground
Not prime land earmarked for human habitation

Through new eyes, we must have a clearer vision
A landscape with a lush vegetation on the horizon
No amount of money can ever buy a slum,
The infrastructure of a safe neighbourhood and good sanitation

When the very same people who seek to improve it,
Don’t reside within it and merely claim it to be their roots
No RDP can ever be a beautiful home, through new eyes
No amount of Shoprite stores will make it look right
No township will ever evolve into a City proper

I repeat, demolish the township!

Poet Bio

Thabang is a long distance runner, sketch artist and poet. Indulging in most things interstellar and imaginary, I thrive in fantasy and mythology.


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