Tided by Batia Efrat

Batia Efrat | July 18th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


What was my heart
before I met you
but a castaway ship
on a voyage to nowhere?
Perhaps it is my fault
for sailing your oceans,
for riding your waves,
for drinking all that spilled from your cup
and thanking you
even when you
tided me into darkness.
I am a stone’s throw away
and light years;
I am the rocky waters and
the still, still, still.
I will anchor myself
to the bed of this chaos
and watch the sun rays settle
on the surface above.
In your love, I both drown
and I float.
For there has never been
a sensation more exhilarating,
more deadly,
than navigating the
murky seas
of knowing another
in a way, you’ve never known yourself.
I am running away
and running towards,
fleeing and fawning
from all that I feel
and, oh, do I feel
the weight of the ocean
and its lightness, too.

Poet Bio

Batia is a writer of many things, poetry being her favourite. Her themes delve into the messiness of the human condition which is reflected through her unstructured but rhythmic style.


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