Tight Cuddlings by Mpho Molekoa

Mpho Molekoa | May 13th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Like a glass
Shattered glass,
It slipped
Phaah! On the floor
Sharp pieces pierce through the skin
An oozing of blood floods the floor
Pain goes deeper
Eyes look away; hiding the tears

Skin sore of tenderness
Fingers grip thinly pieces of this pain
As sharp a thorn out of flesh
Hoooh! Heavy breath of relieve!
Tight, she holds him
Whispers of comfort
Love enfolds him
The colours of a flower as it blooms

Sweet chillings run through the cord of his back
Bare necessities of human engagement
Images that flow on a trail undisturbed
Two bodies graciously collide
Cuddlings that cover the desperation longed for

Yellow Monday passes in unusual attire
Beckonings of an entity begin
Gigglings pure of the mind’s peaceful state
Tight, he holds her
Pain disappears quicker
Eyes look away, hiding the tears of joy he now feels

Poet Bio

Mpho Molekoa was born and raised in Pretoria, Hammanskraal and is passionate about both the written and spoken word. She enjoys writing inspirational articles, poetry and short stories. A lover of art, food, travel, wellness; she believes in writing for purpose, inspiration, love and hopes to get her work published soon.

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