Time by Keabetswe Lethabo

Keabetswe Lethabo | July 3rd, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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I tried to get over the pain,
The hurt that you caused my soul when you left
I’ve tried to pour my pain and put it in to words for compassion
-but all I’ve ever heard them say was “give it time you’ll heal”
Time? What a useless solution to the pain of your soul detaching from mine
Day after day after day it gets worse
Seeing you move on like our connection wasn’t the greatest
How am I supposed to move forward when you are the Love of my Life,
When everything that I do revolves around you?
Will time solve that?
Will it?
Will it pick up the pieces of me that you broke?
Will it put me together into 1 whole piece, with my soul detached from it’s home?
How long must I wait until I can’t feel my soul break every time I think of you
Will it help me understand why you couldn’t stay with me?
It gets worse every day when I suddenly realize that you could never be there for me like I want you to.
But I’ll put my faith in it – to mend the pieces of my heart back to their original form

Poet Bio

Keabetswe is fun outgoing person who travels for work and loves her Private life Private. She’s is not a poet or a writer but she loves writing a bunch of words that people might love to read. Lover of life, socially awkward

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