Time by Lindokuhle Sithole

Quaz | May 2nd, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Tick tock; the clock begins its familiar singing. As it begins its theme song
For those who are spared the day. It sings no longer for those who’s bodies begin to decay.

Tick tock; the clock sings away. For those who dare to wake up and begin
To pray. For they compliment the beauty of its music , that plays on everyday.

Tick tock; the clock plays away .
For , whether your day is sunny,
Gloomy or a bit rainy . It Never
stops to check if you’re in the mood.
It only just ticks, until playtime concludes.

Tick tock, the clock begins to move.
Today, tomorrow all the way to next June. When all the leaves have fallen and the skies have turned grey. Laying on your death bed wishing you hadn’t let all those days slip away.

Poet Bio

My name is Lindokuhle Sithole. I am an amateur poet, i write poetry and short stories. I’m very passionate about writing, especially telling stories about the things that people are too shy to mention, the dark thoughts that we all have in order to convey that we all go through the same thing.

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