Time by Maiketso

Maiketso | Dec 25th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


In real time
That ought to be obvious
The spring must come
We either fall or prosper

I’m at war with time
Every grain of sand
Every blow of the wind
I painted myself into a wall

In real time it’s death or life
I parked at the crossroad
I am looking for what I don’t know

I try to wrap it around my wrist
I had to hold it in my hands
Catty in my attitude
Shortly in my livelihood
I am in one of my moods

Space is infinite
Time waits for no man
My heart beat in a race
I’m bold only in the face

Constant keeps changing
But I’m over here hanging
With no patience time is lengthy
This happens in real time

Aliens of moral relativity
Are my relatives
We supposed to meet
But they can’t keep time

I hope for essentials only
I live on the square
I move what I can move
Time is still of that essence
But I just choose to lose

Poet Bio

I write in Sesotho and English. I am a man living in Free State.

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