Time chaser by Thabang Ngoma

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Waiting still
Until the grand steal
When time stood still
In spite of legs
Time cheats
It flies in our good times
And quantum leaps in our sleep
It crawls in our watch
And spites
It stops in our anguish
As though to prolong the pain
And our lives flash at that moment
As though to boast about our insignificance
We run the race, but it wins every time
It sets the records we chase
We own expensive watches,
But we can never own time
It is as obtainable as it is stoppable
Time moves like a chess piece
In turns and incisively
We mimic the arms of the wall clock
Of seconds chasing the minutes
The minutes catching up to the hours
The hours exhausting their efforts into a day
And when the battery dies, it doesn’t
As though it has a spirit
What is it?
The clock tells time
And it never lies
It never fights, but rings
It’s forever on schedule because it ticks
Tasked to remind, it never forgets
To move
With the times
The timers
Read the Times it leaves behind
To catch up, but we never do
Even if we were to travel through time
Time would be the medium and should we succeed
It would be waiting for us on the other side
To tell us what time it is

Poet Bio

I’m a aspiring writer and enjoy reading and the challenge of composing& writing poetry. I’m a sketch artist&long distance – runner


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