Time of life by Chilufya Chileshe

Chilufya Chileshe | Jan 16th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


When time swirls
it records the birth and death of each breath
stoic distress that one day I will wake up old
edged ever closer to the cusp of expiry.

When time swirls
it exposes the greys, bulges and sags, the cruelty of gravity
edging me ever closer to the cusp of expiry
these swirls marked only by mundane shifts and shuffles

The greys, the bulges, the sags steadily exposed
triggering stoic distress that one day I will wake up old
yet only mundane shifts and shuffles show
when time swirls

Poet Bio

Chilufya is a 35 years old Zambian woman. She has worked in international development for over 13 years and has vast experience in pro-poor policy influencing. she write poems as a hobby and as a useful outlet for the frustrations of the world today. She has never published any of her poetry. She holds Degrees in Public Administration and International Development from Universities in Zambia, South Africa and UK.

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