To have been wise once by Charika Swanepoel

Charika Swanepoel | May 30th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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I have wept more than I have loved,
and you know that I have loved severely.
And now, I’m looking for mercy between
the sympathies of flesh and its cruel hope.
The sympathies of flesh and sweet, dead men.
I want to live long enough to have been truly wise,
to have unglued me from myself and all of you and
your constant dying and coming back from the dead.
I’m looking for understanding beyond foreboding,
for a kind of resilience that is more than survival
and wider and fuller and deeper than breath.
I want to sit beneath a tree and not apologise
or ask for more of it, more of me, more of life.
I want to have been wise, at least once.

Poet Bio

Charika Swanepoel is a poet and literary scholar. She is currently pursuing her MA. in English Poetry
and some of her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in and on platforms such as the Kalahari Review, New Contrast, Prufrock, Aerodrome, Literator, Glass Poetry etc.

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