To love by Batia Efrat

Batia Efrat | Mar 29th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


To love,
is it freedom
or is it slavery?
To love,
an act requiring bravery.
To love,
lips meet,
the poison slips
to infect your heart
and your wit.
To love,
so pure
yet so cruel.
To love,
is it wise
or an act of fools?
To say the words
is to taste death,
but to believe them is
to become undead.
To love,
a game
we play in jest
the winner lives on
from the loser’s last breath.

Poet Bio

Batia is a writer of many things, poetry being her favourite. Her themes delve into the messiness of the human condition which is reflected through her unstructured but rhythmic style.

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