To tame the fire by Chilufya Chileshe

Chilufya Chileshe | October 30th, 2022 | poetry | 1 Comment


Last night, I had my most intimate encounter
– with fire!
The closest I have ever had
The closet I hope to ever have

Seeing its deep orange flames rage in a hurry
Hearing its advance with crackles of fury
Feeling its heat deepen in the flurry

I watched it swallow the night with its blurry light
And knowing then
– that man can never tame the fire
– whatever his might

Standing in wait for the worst
Helplessly anguished by the engulfing
Came my awakening, to what
– it’s like to be the only one in the world
– living your exact moment.

Poet Bio

Chilufya is a woman born and raised on a beautiful continent. Chilufya writes poems as a celebration of human diversity and a useful outlet for frustration with the tribulations and rare triumphs of the world today. She lives in Lusaka, Zambia

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