To the Fallen Lady by Zizwe Mahlalela

Zizwe Mahlalela | March 21st, 2016 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


Unknown to me
your thoughts, your sorrow, your pain
that dreadful impulse
“Has something I can’t quite grasp
to convey.”

Your silent swan song
a desire too familiar
unsung by the system
whose wish for you is disappearance
into oblivion.

Was it courage, resolution
or anguish and desolation
a shattered dream or
an unrequited affection?

A concoction of emotions.
The resolution to face the earth from which you sprung.
Quietly, the fall.
A thud.
A death reflex.
Heaven’s gates open.

A cry for help
A groan
and we weep.
As you embrace the motherland.

Burdened by a throw alone
you lay peaceful as in sleep
They check your pulse
and return their instruments of life
Into the wheels of hope.

But there is no hope.

A white blanket exonerates you.
Like a rehearsed performance
the mortuary van arrives
as the guardian angel departs
In concert
A transition from life,
To death.

As you lay lifeless
undisturbed by the flashing lights, notes, statements, officers, tears.
You are free.

Farewell precious child.
May heaven grant you the joy this God-forbidden land
denied you
as the bustle continues as if nothing happened
no flowers, no messages, no wreaths
at your rendezvous point
with death.

Poet Bio

Zizwe is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Cape Town. An avid writer, he keeps a journal on which to pen his thoughts and emotions.

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