To the girl at the airport by Buhlebamantungwa

Buhlebamantungwa | Feb 11th, 2019 | poetry | 1 Comment


To the girl from the Airport…

Stop reaching for hands that are not reaching for you,
Stop watering flowers that never bloom,
Stop availing yourself to people who are not available to you,
Stop it, just stop it!

You are majestic,
You are absolutely stunning,
Your beauty is what I imagine our ancestors look like,
Tall, regal and as black as the nights sky, as sparkling as the stars and the moon that beautifully decorate the night,
My darling, hasn’t anybody ever told you how precious and majestic you are?

You are love and cannot help yourself but to love even when love is unrequited,
You are love, so you go around believing it will rub off on this man or the next,
You believe in miracles, so you pray for one to hit this man,
You believe that your love will caress his violence into calmness,
Ow, but my darling!
Even Wells go dry when water is draw daily without replenishing,

I pray you soon realize that you are the love, light and happiness you seek,
And when the urge to love men who don’t appreciate you hits,
When your throat tightens and your belly drops from loving monsters,
I pray you remember that you are love and will continue to be love long after he is gone…

Poet Bio

Buhlebamantungwa Mabaso is a Cape Town based Johannesburg breed writer, storyteller and Human Rights activist. Buhle, as she is affectionately known is inspired by Mother Africa, her cultures, her spiritual beliefs and the vibrancy of the continent. “I may not be sure about the healing properties of art, but I am sure, it moves me and rearranged my whole life.” BuhleM

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