To the one that was 1st by Naomi Julius

Naomi Julius | Dec 20th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


Eyes like a desert sunset, fierce
Courage like Romans from old.
Beauty like the heavenly constellations,
Passion burning like a thousand suns.

When you walk, He carries you,
When you fall, He catches you.
When you laugh,Heaven laughs with you,
When you cry, He embraces you.

A heart as wide as the Grand Canyon,
People get lost in your presence.
Why are you letting them abuse it,
God gave you life, it’s not yours to offer.

Stand strong, stand your ground,
Let not Egypt take you freedom.
Be what you can, must and will be,
The songbird, the nightingale of God.

Poet Bio

For my 1st born daughter.

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